Dendrite to install new Data Analysis System in Al Babtain Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Map of Saudi ArabiaDendrite Clinical Systems has received an order to extend the clinical database system and install its new Data Analysis System at the Al Babtain Hospital, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Dendrite’s unique clinical database system includes four types of analytics and reports:

  • Visual dashboard
  • Flexible data analysis tools
  • Data export and filtering
  • Clinical documents (such as operation notes and discharge summaries)

The Visual Dashboard facilitates real-time data analysis dashboard reflecting the required analysis/reporting needs. This dashboard can be available to the Registry Administrator (reflecting combined registry data) as well as to each registry user (reflecting their individual data).

Dendrite’s system incorporates exceptional data analysis tools allowing users to easily build their own visual analysis graphs with their data including:

  • Building (and saving) new graphs
  • Modifying existing graphs (excluding/filtering data)
  • Creating different patient cohorts
  • Automatically calculating key statistical values (e.g. median, σ, percentile, shift, etc.)
  • Saving and exporting graphs/tables in various formats (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG and XLS) e.g. for reports, presentations.

This tool includes several modules to build different types of graphs, including:

  • Distribution analysis (analysis by one field, e.g. age distribution)
  • Cross-tabulation (analysis by two fields, e.g. age by gender)
  • Multi-cohort analysis (graphs combining multiple cohorts)
  • Run analysis
  • Shewhart analysis
  • XmR
  • CUSUM analysis
  • VLAD
  • Actuarial curves
  • Funnel plots
  • Timelines
  • Events analysis

The Dendrite system also includes an in-built Web Intellect Report Editor (WIRE) tool enabling the local Database Administrator at the hospital to build templates for local clinical documents such as discharge letters, operation reports – allowing clinical users to automatically generate these documents for patients from the database system.