Bariatric News issue 38 now available online

Issue 38Dendrite Clinical Systems, the publisher of Bariatric News, is pleased to announce issue 38 of the newspaper is now available to view/download. The newspaper reports on research, technology, events and policy in the bariatric specialty, the latest clinical studies, policy changes and product news, the latest meetings and events, interviews prominent bariatric experts, and host debates between specialists on controversial topics.

In this issue, we report that people who undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery are at increased risk for alcohol related problems and common screening tools that help physicians identify patients at high risk for alcohol use disorder fail to work well in this population. Bariatric News talked to Mr Shaw Somers about the lack of access to surgery, the need to educate people on the causes of obesity and how to treat postoperative weight regain. MAL Fobi discusses the controversy surrounding mini gastric bypass, the procedures advantages and asks, ‘what is in a name?’ there are also two studies that highlight a majority of patients who had a SG reported an improvement in anxiety and depression, patients who underwent a life-saving liver transplant and bariatric surgery at the same time were better able to keep the weight off long term and had fewer metabolic complications than those who lost weight on their own before undergoing a liver transplant.

This issue also includes meeting reports, product and industry news, and conferences and meetings summary, as well as a summary of the news for the bariatric specialty.

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