Welcome to Dendrite

Dr. Alexey Brovko, Senior Medical AdvisorMy name is Dr Alexey Brovko, I would be delighted to help.

Dendrite is a leading specialist provider of clinical database systems and registries. Clinical societies, research organisations, hospitals, government departments of health, medical device and pharmaceutical companies around the world are using our system for clinical research, audit, benchmarking and structured reporting. Our experience is unparalleled – over the years, we have implemented over 200 major national and international registries across various specialties, hundreds of hospitals in 40+ countries are using our system for local research and service improvement.

Our system includes some unique and important features such as:

  • Design flexibility – the system is easily customised for each project and can be quickly updated
  • Flexible data analysis allows user to build various types of graphs/tables with their data (e.g. funnel plots, VLAD plots, actuarial curves etc)
  • e-PROMs function, designed to collect data directly from patients via email/sms messages, has become a game-changer for many projects in the last couple of years
  • Data security and GDPR compliance
  • Integration with EPR/HIS systems

Some of our demo databases are available here, please also look at our example case studies and customer feedback.

I would be delighted to demonstrate our system and discuss your potential project.

Please call me +44 (0) 77 6616 6795 (mobile, Viber, WhatsApp) or email alexey.brovko@e-dendrite.com