Clinical trial software

Dendrite has designed and developed software for several clinical trials that capture data at the individual patient level, which can then be used to track medical devices during and after treatment. Whether a clinical trial is based upon a specific disease, clinical specialty or procedure, it can be specifically designed to suit any clinical research and can be applied in almost any imaginable clinical scenario. 

Dendrite's unique web-based clinical trials can be accessed using a standard web-browser, without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations. Additional benefits of Dendrite's clinical trial platform include:

  • Comprehensive tracking of procedures
  • Intuitive data capture with on line data validation
  • Secure username and password access
  • Easy to use; employing standard check-boxes, radio-buttons and drop-down lists, which make for rapid data entry
  • A drawing tool enables users to annotate diagrams, which can then be printed and stored in individual patient records
  • PIN locking
  • Secure encrypted web hosting
  • Automated validation of inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Automated randomisation