Dendrite Clinical Systems is a supplier of sophisticated data analysis services for the international heath care system

Dendrite's success has been built on the ability to capture and validate clinical data, and transform those data into useful clinical knowledge. The company's in-house data analysis team provides a comprehensive service and we can audit data from numerous databases and data collection systems whether they come from a department, an institution, a commercial organisation. 

The quality of the data is always investigated to highlight shortfalls: missing fields, invalid entries and/or duplications / anomalies, which are subsequently reported back to client. Furthermore, our services include merging disparate databases (from different countries and languages) to publishing award-winning national and international reports.

We can also provide additional data analysis services including:

  • Aspects of risk scoring
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Sequential outcome analysis
  • Funnel plots
  • Dashboards

Capturing data and transforming those data into useful clinical information is crucial to the process of improving standards in clinical practice and better outcomes for patients. If you would like to learn more about our data analysis services or to discuss getting more out of your data please contact us.

Please note: The company adheres to strict guidelines and would never enter into agreement whereby we are requested to alter data.