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Dendrite Clinical Systems is a specialist supplier of clinical database and analysis software and consultancy services for the international healthcare sector. We have a unique and proven track record of delivery based on a deep understanding of professional users needs in an increasingly dynamic health care environment. Our systems are widely used to support:

  • Single specialty clinical information systems audit and clinical governance
  • Multi specialty clinical information systems
  • National disease registries that establish clear standards for clinical care
  • Specialist society and associations' databases
  • Medical device registries
  • Pharmaceutical observational registries
  • Application within the private healthcare sector



Dendrite Clinical Systems was established in 1993, by co-directors Dr Peter Walton, Keith Price and Neal McCann, and over the last 25 years has become one of the leading suppliers of clinical software to hospitals and institutions in the world. Since it's inception, the company has maintained a belief that clinical data collection and analysis is crucial in achieving effective clinical audit and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.

Starting from an office in central London, has evolved from a specialist supplier of clinical databases and analysis software, to providing consultancy and publishing services for the international healthcare sector. The company now has two offices in the UK and agents across four continents. The company now has expanded its global user base across thousands of hospitals, more than 170 national and international registries in more than 80 countries.

In the last 24 years, Dendrite has continued to develop innovative clinical software solutions, which have been utilised in many different clinical scenarios, fulfilling the company's ethos of providing the tools for effective clinical governance.



Dendrite Clinical Systems have an impressive client list featuring National and International Medical Societies. We also have an extensive client-base in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Our contracts range from simple sponsorship agreements for national and international databases that guarantee maximum exposure to our clients' target audiences to tailored systems that we have developed for a specific product or therapeutic area. A number of our industry clients have used our systems specifically to run post-marketing surveillance studies and to collect reliable market research data.


More information about our Hospital Systems.


Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence is an emerging powerful trend which is becoming a cornerstone of value-based pricing and may redefine the basis of competition and access in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in the near future. 

Real World Evidence goes beyond traditional controlled clinical trials. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can use Real World Evidence data to inform stakeholders about a product's use, treatment patterns (standards of care), benefits and cost effectiveness to gain and defend market access, inform the design of products and trials and transform their relationships with clinicians from a supplier to a collaborator.

Large scale Real World Evidence data has not been available until recently – this is a major opportunity to demonstrate the value of your products. All of the major pharmaceutical companies have recently initiated Real World Evidence projects to inform product development and/or commercial decisions. Post market research has been the only growing area in the clinical research field in recent years. Indeed, if pharmaceutical and medical device companies do not take the initiative and lead the development of compelling real world cost-effectiveness arguments, regulatory agencies will create their own potentially unfavourable product narratives of which we have seen multiple examples already.

While there may be various sources of real world clinical information (such as Electronic Patient Record systems), implementation experience has proven that this information is mostly sporadic, incomplete and difficult to reconcile and analyse, particularly on a large scale. Clinical registries have proven to be the main source of scientifically robust large scale Real World Evidence to date.

Dendrite Clinical Systems is a global leader in the area of clinical registries with an extensive experience in the field of Real World Evidence studies. Our customer dedication and delivery track record is impeccable. We would be delighted to work with you to help you design and support your Real World Evidence project. 

Please contact us to discuss your Real World Evidence project:
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